Play creatively

Create as many opportunities as possible for our children to play freely. The more they can immerse themselves in their own world through play, the more creatively they will develop.
Come and see our custom-designed children's toys, which give free rein to the imagination of playful children.

Two-seater rocking boat...

because the biggest water battles need a partner.
In the Boat, one or more children can swing at the same time as they experience amazing water adventures.
Grab the oars and head out to sea!
...of course, everyone stays dry at the end of the game.

3 in 1 rocking horse

Turn it over and play!
The rocking Horse can be used as a high chair when set up and as a drawing table when turned over with a flick of the wrist.
Best of all, there are no tools or assembly required.

Puppet theater...

to bring all the stories to life.
Puppetry develops a child's imagination, language skills, relieves frustration and is a great way to entertain with theatre performances at home.

  • Rocking Boat

    The Kattuska Rocking Boat is a swing with two seats, in which one or even two children can swing at the same time. A silicone strap on the bottom of the swing ensures adequate adhesion and damage to the floor.
  • 3 in 1 Rocking Horse

    Kattuska 3 in 1 Rocking Horse is a product with 3 functions. The rocking horse can be turned over in one movement as a drawing table, and can be used as a high chair when set up, without reassembly. These three products take up only one space in your apartment.
  • Puppet Theater

    The Kattuska Puppet Theater is a children's toy with a simple and clean design that can be assembled and disassembled like a puzzle. Puppetry is the activity with the most complex development potential for both able-bodied and disabled children.

They said


4 years

“In my story, it is not the knight who saves the princess, but David from the “Green Frog” group. He’s the only reason I like going to kindergarten. He hasn’t really noticed me, but at home he’s always the hero in my story when I play with the puppet theatre.”


5 years

“When I sail my Swinging Boat on the biggest ocean, I am attacked by horrible pirates or monsters. But I’m not afraid of them, because I always defeat them in these huge battles.”


4,5 years

“I like to draw: castles and horses. I also colour them. Yellow is my favourite colour. Then I turn the table and go for a ride. Back and forth, back and forth… We ride and my hair flies! While playing, I always get hungry. Then my mum brings me a healthy but tasty snack.”

Designed for a long time


The only way to make toys for the long term is to strive for excellence. This is the approach taken by everyone in our team, from the selection of raw materials through to the production of toys.


Design is not a luxury, but a good investment! We design and manufacture toys that can be used for generations because of their durability and clean design.


What really matters when decorating an interior is style. When you walk into a place, you can tell it's been tastefully decorated. As parents, we don't want to have to give up that harmony when our child is born. We design toys that work well in homes with different styles.


During the design process, we pay a lot of attention to the ergonomic design. The toys have already proven themselves in public spaces, events and kindergartens alike. The soft, rounded shapes ensure accident-free play.

Because the really important things happen when you play

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.” – Mary Lou Cook