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I'm Kata and our custom furniture company Enter Team gave us the basis to start designing and manufacturing custom children's toys.
As a mother of two young children and inspired by their needs, our first toys were born.
Since then they have grown into rebellious teenagers, but as a parent I have always put a lot of emphasis on creativity and getting them interested in design.
I believe that there is no limit to a child's imagination, and it is our job as parents to allow this free flow.

the designer

He is a woodworking engineer and furniture designer, who likes to make hand-drawn sketches.
The Kattuska toys were designed together with him to fit into as many interiors as possible.
The space is dressed and shaped not only by the furniture, but also by all the objects, mobiles and children's toys that can be found in it.
We also pay great attention to ergonomic design.

Professional teamwork

The toys are made in our 1200 sqm carpenter factory equipped with modern machinery.
Our skilled carpenters work with high quality, environmentally friendly and child-friendly materials.

Alongside the machines, human labour is a very important part of manufacturing, as meticulous hand sanding is the key to achieving the fine surface feel that is the most important quality requirement for our toys.
Thanks to their design and use of materials, toys are very durable and can be used for generations.

Our Team

Csáki Zoltán


Jenei Csilla

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Juhász Zoltán