Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) define the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the consumers (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) purchasing from the webshop operated by Enter Team Kft. (hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider) at the website www.kattuska.hu, the conditions of the contract, the liability rules, the terms of performance and delivery, and the rules of exercising the right of withdrawal, regardless of whether the performance takes place in Hungary or abroad.

In any case, the provisions of these GTC shall apply to the legal relationship between the SUPPLIER and the BUYERS concluded online via a webshop.

Details of the service provider

Company name: Enter Team Bútortervező és Szolgáltató Kft.

Location: 2120 Dunakeszi, Repülőtéri út 1.

Tax number: HU13375975

Company registration number: 13-09-167985

Postal address: 2120 Dunakeszi, Repülőtéri út 1.

Managing Directors: Attila Hováth, Katalin Noémi Tóth

Representative: Katalin Noémi Tóth

Email: toth.kata@kattuska.hu

Phone: +36 (20) 577 – 87 90

Legal relationship between the parties

The Service Provider and to the Customers using the webshop operated by the Service Provider under the website www.plantebudapest.hu.

The Customer, when making a purchase in the webshop, enters into a contract with the Service Provider subject to the content of these GTC. The Customer, by selecting the product(s) to be purchased in the webshop and by clicking on the “GO TO CONTRACT” button on the approval page summarising the purchase details, accepts the terms and conditions of the GTC and enters into the contract, and also accepts the provisions of these GTC as binding upon him/her. The contract concluded via the webshop shall entail an obligation to pay on the part of the Customer, while on the part of the Service Provider it shall entail an obligation to deliver the product(s) to the Customer.

The Service Provider shall sell its own product(s) or those of third parties to the Customer from the webshop on its own behalf, which legal relationship shall be deemed to be fulfilled upon payment of the consideration for the product(s) and delivery of the product(s) by the Service Provider’s delivery service partner contracted with it.

Shopping in the webshop

Product purchases via the webshop are made through the Service Provider’s own online sales platform via a secure and direct online payment interface provided by CIB BANK. During online credit card payments, no credit card data are transmitted to the Service Provider.

After providing the required data, accepting these GTC and after a successful banking transaction, the Service Provider will deliver the product to the Customer via its delivery service partner. Given that, once the Product(s) have been dispatched by the Service Provider, the purchase of the Product(s) is considered to be completed and the Product(s) delivered and received, it is the sole responsibility of the Customer to notify the Service Provider without delay if the Product(s) are not received.

How to pay by credit card using CIB BANK:

Once the Customer has selected the desired product(s) and added them to his/her shopping cart, the Customer will be redirected to the CIB BANK website, where he/she will be required to enter his/her card (MasterCard / VISA / suitable web card) details;

Required data: card number, security code, card expiry date.

Once you have entered your details, you finalise your purchase. If you have sufficient funds available, the payment transaction will be completed by clicking on the “PAYMENT” button.

Once the transaction is completed, the Customer can return to the site operated by the Service Provider, where he will receive confirmation of the successful purchase.

The Service Provider draws the Customer’s attention to the fact that in the event that the Customer does not receive the order confirmation e-mail for reasons attributable to the Service Provider, the transaction shall be deemed unsuccessful.

The Service Provider will issue an invoice for the purchase of the product(s) based on the data provided by the Customer using an invoicing software (szamlazz.hu; KBOSS.hu Kft.; cg.: 01-09-303201), which will be sent to the Customer by e-mail. If the Customer has provided an incorrect name or address on the invoice and the invoice has been issued with this content, the Customer has one opportunity to request a change to the invoice, which must be notified within a maximum of 10 calendar days from the date of issue of the invoice. The Customer may submit a request for an invoice amendment by sending an e-mail to hello@kattuska.hu

Information on the essential characteristics of the product

The properties, characteristics, dimensions and conditions of purchase of the product(s) offered for sale can be found on the specific pages of the webshop.

The procedure for concluding a sales contract

A sales contract for the product(s) offered in the webshop(s) operated by the Service Provider www.kattuska.hu and kattuska.com can be concluded online by placing an order electronically in the manner specified in these GTC.

During the visit of the webshop, after having been informed about the product(s), the Customer can add the product(s) to his/her virtual shopping cart by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button, without being under any obligation to purchase or pay, as the addition to the shopping cart does not constitute an offer. The placement of the product(s) in the virtual shopping cart is carried out by clicking on it, and the Customer does not receive a separate notification of the placement in the virtual shopping cart. In the virtual shopping basket, the Customer may obtain information on the name, quantity and gross price of the product(s). In the case of multiple products, all these data are displayed separately for each product on the online interface.

By clicking on “BASKET”, the Customer can see the current total of his/her order, where he/she has the possibility to modify (increase or decrease the quantity of the product; delete the product) the products in the virtual basket as defined in point 2 of this chapter. The Customer also has the possibility, at his/her option, to record coupon codes entitling him/her to the discount periodically applied by the Service Provider, which will modify the amount to be paid. The Customer is then entitled to return to the webshop to inquire about the purchase of other product(s) or to complete the purchase of the products in the “Cart” and proceed with the purchase of the selected product(s) by clicking on the “CONTINUE TO SHOPPING” button. If the Customer wishes to complete the purchase of the product(s), after providing the billing and delivery details, he/she can click on the “GO TO SHOPPING” button and pay the purchase price of the product(s) purchased in the webshop operated by the Service Provider by direct payment by credit card to the Service Provider using the CIB BANK e-commerce connection.

During the ordering process, the Customer is obliged to provide personal data related to the purchase, as well as billing data and delivery data for the delivery of the product(s). The purchase is not subject to registration, but based on the previous point, the Customer is obliged to provide data to the Service Provider in order to complete the purchase of the product(s).

The personal data that must be provided in connection with the order shall be processed by the Service Provider on the basis of a legal authorisation, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, in order to perform the contract and to enable the subsequent evidential verification of the terms of the contract. The detailed conditions relating to the processing of personal data are set out in the “Privacy Policy”, which can be accessed directly by clicking on the address before providing the data.

For the product(s) purchased on the webshop operated by the Service Provider, it is possible to use a discount coupon, which can be entered on the online interface before paying the price of the product(s). The Service Provider expressly states that it will provide the Customer with detailed information on the conditions of use of the discount coupon prior to the discount period.

By ordering the product(s) under this clause, the order prepared by the Customer is sent via the Service Provider’s online interface, which entails a payment obligation for the Customer. The Service Provider shall send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer, stating the name of the product(s) ordered, the quantity and the amount of the consideration payable.

The delivery services are provided by the Service Provider using a third party delivery service provider for a fee, which the Customer is obliged to pay and which is not included in the gross value of the product(s) but is indicated separately to the Customer. The Supplier will always inform the Customer of the delivery charges before finalising the payment on the order summary interface. The price of the product(s) sold via the webshop operated by the Service Provider shall include the corresponding packaging of the product(s).

By sending the order, a contract of sale is concluded between the Customer and the Service Provider for the selected product(s). The contract shall be deemed to be a contract concluded by electronic means, by means of a device enabling communication at a distance, between persons acting at a distance, and shall be governed by Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services

The electronic receipt of the order will be confirmed to the Customer by an automatic e-mail, which will be a durable medium confirming that the Service Provider has received the order sent by the Customer and will also contain the details of the order. The confirmation email is considered as a confirmation of the conclusion of the contract on a durable medium in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 (2) of Government Decree 45/2014 (26.II.) on the detailed rules of contracts between the Supplier and the Service Provider, to the application of which the Consumer gives his consent by accepting these GTC. The Consumer accepts that the Service Provider does not consider it reasonably practicable to provide the contracts or copies thereof on paper in the case of purchases made in the www.plantebudapest.com webshop, in particular in view of the fact that they are concluded in this form. The invoice relating to the products delivered by the Service Provider will be sent to the Customer by e-mail, confirming that the contract is deemed to have been concluded by the Service Provider and containing the essential terms and conditions thereof. The invoice shall be made available to the Customer by the Service Provider at the same time as the products are delivered.

If the confirmation by e-mail is not received by the Customer within 48 hours of the sending of the order, the Customer shall be released from the contractual obligation.

If a data entry error is detected by the Customer only on the basis of the confirmation e-mail, the Customer shall have the error corrected

Performance of the contract

Upon receipt of the product(s) from the supplier and signing of the receipt document, the product(s) are accepted in quantity, which means that the Service Provider does not accept any subsequent quantity claims. By signing the document relating to the delivery, the Customer acknowledges that the parcel received corresponds to the order, both externally and in terms of its contents.

If the Customer notices any damage to the ordered product (product or packaging) during the acceptance, the Customer is entitled to have the Supplier record the damage. The Supplier undertakes to take back the product(s) free of charge if the product(s) are damaged on receipt. The Supplier shall not be liable or responsible for any physical damage discovered after acceptance.

Accessories warranty

It may request a repair or replacement, unless one of these is impossible or would impose disproportionate additional costs on the business compared to the fulfilment of its other request. If the repair or replacement has not been or could not be requested, the Buyer may request a proportionate reduction in the consideration or the defect may be repaired or replaced by another party at the expense of the business or, as a last resort, the Buyer may withdraw from the contract.

The Customer is obliged to report the defect immediately after its discovery, but not later than one month after the discovery of the defect. Please note, however, that you may no longer assert your rights to claim for any defects beyond the two-year limitation period from the date of performance of the contract.

The Customer may enforce his/her rights to claim for ancillary liability against the Service Provider as an undertaking.

Within six months from the date of performance, the Customer may assert a claim under a supplementary warranty on the basis of the notification of the defect, provided that the Customer proves that the product or service was provided by the Service Provider. However, after six months from the date of performance, the Customer shall be obliged to prove that the defect discovered by the Customer existed at the time of performance.

Product Warranty

As a product warranty claim, the Customer may only request the repair or replacement of the defective product.

A product is defective if it does not meet the quality requirements in force at the time of its placing on the market or if it does not have the characteristics described by the manufacturer.

The Buyer has two years from the date on which the product was placed on the market by the manufacturer to make a claim under the product warranty. Once this period has elapsed, he loses this right.

The manufacturer (distributor) is only exempted from its product warranty obligation if it can prove that:

– he has not manufactured or put the product into circulation in the course of his business, or

– the defect was not detectable according to the state of science and technology at the time when the product was placed on the market, or

– the defect in the product is due to the application of a law or a compulsory standard laid down by a public authority.

The manufacturer (distributor) need only prove one ground for exemption.

The Service Provider draws attention to the fact that the Customer may not assert a warranty claim for accessories and a product warranty claim for the same defect at the same time and in parallel. However, in the event of a successful product warranty claim, the Customer may assert a warranty claim against the manufacturer for the replaced product or repaired part.


The Customer may also exercise the right of withdrawal by any other clear declaration to that effect. The burden of proving that the Customer has exercised his right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions set out in this clause shall lie with the Customer.

If the Customer withdraws from the contract concluded with the Service Provider in accordance with the previous point, the Service Provider shall reimburse the total amount paid by the Customer as consideration, including the costs incurred in connection with the performance, within 14 days of becoming aware of the withdrawal at the latest.

In the event of withdrawal in accordance with the above, the Service Provider shall reimburse the Customer the amount refunded in the same manner as the payment method used by the Customer. Subject to the express consent of the Customer, the Service Provider may use a different method of payment for the refund, but the Customer shall not be charged any additional fees as a result.

If the Customer expressly chooses a mode of transport other than the least costly usual mode of transport, the Service Provider shall not be obliged to reimburse the additional costs resulting therefrom.

The Service Provider may withhold the amount of the refund until the Customer has returned the product(s) or has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he/she has returned them, whichever is the earlier.

If the Customer withdraws from the contract concluded in the www.plantebudapest.com webshop operated by the Service Provider in accordance with the above, the Customer shall return the product(s) immediately, but no later than 14 days from the date of the notice of withdrawal, or return them in person. The return shall be deemed to have been completed within the time limit if the Customer sends the product(s) before the expiry of the time limit.

The direct cost of returning the product(s) shall be borne by the Customer.

The Buyer shall be liable for any loss of value resulting from use beyond the use necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product(s).

The Buyer may not exercise his right of withdrawal in respect of a product(s) in sealed packaging which cannot be returned after opening after delivery for health or hygiene reasons.

The Service Provider shall endeavour to provide additional rights and opportunities in addition to and beyond the fulfilment of its obligations towards Customers as defined by law, or to provide certain rights to Customers other than those who are legally qualified as consumers, in order to increase Customer satisfaction. The Customer can find out about these opportunities and entitlements on the website www.plantebudapest.com operated by the Service Provider. With regard to the additional entitlements under this clause, the Service Provider reserves the right to modify their content without amending these GTC by changing the terms and conditions on the website www.plantebudapest.com operated by the Service Provider, or to apply individual discretion with regard to the provision of certain additional entitlements. In no case shall the rights and facilities granted under this clause constitute a limitation on the rights of the consumer under the law or other provisions of these GTC.

Trademarks and copyright

Pursuant to Section 1 (1) of Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright (hereinafter: the Copyright Act) and Section 1 (1) of Act XI of 1997 on the Protection of Trademarks and Geographical Indications (hereinafter: the Trademark Act), the graphic designs, trademarks, logos and other information and materials appearing on the Service Provider’s website (www.kattuska.hu) are the exclusive property of the Service Provider and its contractual partners. These signs may not be used, copied, distributed or published in any way by customers or other third parties for the purpose of generating revenue without the express prior written consent of the Service Provider or its contractual partners. No material may be reproduced from the website or its database, even with the written consent of the copyright holder, without reference to the website and acknowledgement of the source.

By receiving any content from the website, the recipient acknowledges that he/she will use the content against payment of a fee of HUF 25,000.00 + VAT per day, except with the express agreement or written permission of the copyright holder.

Enforcement options

Complaints handling

1.1 If the Service Provider’s customer service is unable to provide a satisfactory and satisfactory response to the Customer’s request, the Customer may write his/her comments and complaints to the e-mail address hello@kattuska.hu or send them to the Service Provider’s address at H-2120 Dunakeszi Repülőtéri út 1, which is also the place of complaint handling. The Service Provider requests the Customer to refer in the complaint to the consultation at the customer service and the circumstances of the failure of the consultation.

1.2 The Service Provider shall respond to the complaint in writing within 30 days at the latest, and if it does not consider the complaint to be justified, it shall state the reasons for its position in writing.

1.4 If the complaint is rejected, the Service Provider shall inform the Customer in writing of the authority or conciliation body to which the complaint may be submitted, depending on its nature. The information shall also include the headquarters, telephone and Internet contact details and postal address of the competent authority or conciliation body of the Customer’s place of residence or domicile. The information shall also indicate whether the Service Provider will use the conciliation body’s procedure to settle the consumer dispute.

1.5 The Service Provider shall keep a record of the complaint and a copy of the reply for five years and shall present it to the supervisory authorities at their request.

Other enforcement options

2.1 If any consumer dispute between the Service Provider and the Customer is not resolved during the complaint handling procedure, the Customer has the following enforcement options:

2.2. If the Customer detects a breach of his/her consumer rights, he/she has the right to lodge a complaint with the consumer protection authority competent for his/her place of residence. If the Consumer has a right to a consumer protection procedure in his/her home Member State, the consumer may complain to the consumer’s local consumer protection authority;

2.3. In order to settle out of court and amicably consumer disputes concerning the quality, safety and application of product liability rules of the product(s) and the conclusion and performance of the contract, the consumer may bring the dispute before the competent territorial conciliation body. For the purposes of the rules on the conciliation body, a consumer is also a non-governmental organisation, a church, a condominium, a housing association, a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise within the meaning of a separate law, who buys, orders, receives, uses, makes use of or is the addressee of a commercial communication or offer in relation to goods.

Contact details of the Conciliation Board of Pest County and Érd County Chamber of Commerce and Industry:


Email address: pmbekelteto@pmkik.hu

2.4. Court proceedings.

Relevant legislation

Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code

Act CLV of 1997 on Consumer Protection

Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services

Government Decree No 51/2003 (IX.22) on the compulsory guarantee for consumer durables

Government Decree No 45/2014 (II. 26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between consumers and businesses

Decree No 19/2014 (IV. 29.) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on the procedural rules for handling warranty and guarantee claims for goods sold under a contract between a consumer and a business

Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright

Act XI of 1997 on the Protection of Trademarks and Geographical Indications

Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information

Regulation (EU) No 2018/302 of the European Parliament and of the Council on combating unjustified territorial restrictions of content and other forms of discrimination based on the nationality, residence or domicile of the purchaser in the internal market and amending Regulations (EC) No 2006/2004 and (EU) 2017/2394 and Directive 2009/22/EC

of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/67/EC of 27 May 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Regulation (EC) No 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)

Final provisions

The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Service Provider will treat the data obtained through the online purchase confidentially, will use it exclusively for the fulfilment of purchases and will not pass it on to third parties other than the transport service providers concerned in any form. By providing his/her personal data, the Customer consents to the processing of such data by the Service Provider in the manner set out in the Data Processing Policy in force and in force at the Service Provider.

The Service Provider is entitled to use subcontractors and intermediaries.

The Service Provider is a business company registered and domiciled in Hungary, and the rules of Hungarian law shall govern and apply to these GTC, regardless of any conflict of laws.

In the event of any dispute relating to these GTC or the products, services and product(s) provided by the Service Provider, the Service Provider and the Customer agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Érdi, regardless of any conflict of laws.

Dunakeszi, 13 January 2024.