Bank payment information

Our webshop offers customers a secure credit card payment solution provided by CIB Bank. Security is based on the separation of data. The Webshop receives the order information from the customer, while CIB Bank receives only the card details necessary for the payment transaction on the payment page with 256-bit TLS encryption. The Webshop is not informed about the data content of the payment page, which can only be accessed by CIB Bank. The result of the transaction will be communicated to the Webshop page after the payment. For card payments, your Internet browser must support TLS encryption.

The value of the goods/services purchased, the amount paid will be blocked immediately on your card account. Please read our detailed information!


Welcome to our Webshop with CIB Bank’s secure online payment solution!

Here’s a quick guide on how you can shop safely and securely.

What to look for when shopping?

  • Read the brochure of our Webshop, the conditions of purchase and the terms of delivery and payment.
  • Read the security terms and conditions of the Webshop to ensure the security of your data!
  • Keep a record of your shopping details!
  • Keep a record of your payment transaction details! (transaction ID, authorisation number)
  • Ensure that your confidential card details are never accessed by unauthorised persons.
  • Use a browser that supports the TLS encryption option!

About security

TLS, short for Transport Layer Security, is an accepted encryption method. Our bank has a 256-bit encryption key that protects the communication channel. A company called VeriSign enables CIB Bank to use the 256-bit key to provide TLS-based encryption. This encryption method is currently used in 90% of the world’s electronic commerce. The browser program used by the customer uses TLS to encrypt the cardholder’s data before it is sent, so that it is encrypted before it reaches CIB Bank and cannot be read by unauthorised persons.

Accepted cards

CIB Bank’s Internet payment system allows the use of Mastercard/Maestro, VISA and VISA Electron (Electron only if authorised by the issuing bank) bank cards belonging to the VISA product family, as well as payment via a web card suitable for Internet use.

Steps of payment

  1. You select the goods/services you wish to pay for by credit card on the Webshop page.
  2. You will then be redirected to CIB Bank’s secure payment page where you will be asked to fill in your card details to start the payment.
  3. Once you have entered your card details, you can start the transaction by clicking on the Pay button.
  4. After successful authentication, the payment process will continue.
  5. Once the payment is complete, you will be returned to the Webshop page where you will receive a confirmation of the transaction result.

In the case of payment by credit card, after a successful transaction, which means acceptance of the credit card after verification of its validity and the collateral, CIB Bank will start debiting the Cardholder’s account with the value of the goods or services.

If you are not redirected from the payment page back to the Webshop page, the transaction will be considered unsuccessful. If you click on the “Back/Back” or “Refresh” button on the bank payment page or close the browser window before being redirected back to the Webshop, the payment will be considered unsuccessful.

For more information on the outcome of the transaction, or if it is unsuccessful, the reason for the failure, please contact your account bank.